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There are a number of reasons why sentence structure matters.

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Writing Essays Sentence Structure Strategic Management Project Thesis

You can end up with something that looks like a house but has lots of problems in style and function.We usually think of a sentence as more than one word, but a single word can also amount to a sentence.This is true if it is clear that there is a missing word that is understood to be the subject.If you think that minding your P’s and Q’s are not essential as long as you have researched good material, then think again.your sentence structure, use of grammar and vocabulary are just as important in helping you get the desired grades.In passive voice, the target of an action is put in the subject position even though they aren't doing anything.For example: 'The doll was bathed by Sally.' The doll is an inanimate object and isn't doing any action in the sentence - Sally is doing the work.We can see this with simple modifiers in the wrong place. ' I'm pretty sure our friend didn't mean to tell his sweetheart that he was the only person on the planet that loved her. 'To improve his building skills, a video was watched.' In order to not offend our conscientious observers, a better choice of sentence structure would be: 'In order to improve his building skills, our friend watched a video.' Now our readers know exactly who we are talking about and they won't need to figure it out and guess.Structure that sentence a bit better and he would have had a much more pleasant result. Good sentence structure helps to eliminate the use of sentence fragments as well. These sentences are often incomplete because they are no longer attached to their clauses. Having a variety.' A sentence should be able to stand on its own.Good sentence structure makes your essay easier to read and understand.The first step is being able to identify the things that cause our sentence structure to suffer.


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