Writing A Business Plan For A Restaurant

Writing A Business Plan For A Restaurant-17
She has been active in food service for X years, has completed training in the hotel business, has been working for some years in Munich and has very good local relationships.Product Range The restaurant will feature traditional cuisine.

To achieve this goal, each customer will be approached individually.

Staff competence and skills will be highlighted by specific knowledge, such as information about ingredients, recommendations, and more.

Some of the specialties of the restaurant will include: • Schnitzel • Sugared pancake with raisins • Salzburg dumplings The offer consists of lunch menu, business lunch, standard lunch and a varying daily menu.

The menus will be based on the products in stock, as every product has to be fresh.

General Business Strategy / USPs The restaurant will differentiate itself from other dining establishments in the area with its particularly down-to-earth atmosphere, high quality and original homemade dishes, giving its guests an exceptional experience.

Staffed by highly motivated employees, the Sample restaurant will not be forgotten by its guests.

Acquiring a solid customer base, connections and advertising partners is an important component of the overall business strategy.

The founder expects that her personal expertise and focus on a friendly welcome will prove to be the decisive factor pushing her establishment to the top of the list in the area.

The interior will be welcoming and cozy, with a large main table and several small tables for 2-4 people.

The Sample restaurant will offer only regional and seasonal products produced by local farmers or sold in the area of Munich. Customers will know they are getting good and healthy food whenever they come to the Sample restaurant.


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