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Often, a successful marriage of personality and career chosen helps an individual succeed in their work or career field.For instance, someone who is artistically inclined would perform better and excel in creative fields of work or art.With sexual encounters with the opposite sex young adults have experiences that can hinder or help promote positive self-esteem and development.

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Here there is a conflict of identity between people or how they want others to perceive them as.

As may be found in a self-identity essay, it is stated as an example of how an individual can express themselves in writing which in turn can reflect on their self-identity.

However, the same person placed in a restricted field of work or discipline would find failure in most aspects and would have a lower sense of self-esteem and affect self-identity.

In certain cases, when a person finds the existing social norms and acceptance to be as against their natural beliefs and thoughts, a crisis can emerge in negotiating such aspects between two or more people.

There are factors that are formed for a person’s personality development such as environmental, physical and social factors during the early years, hormonal changes and surrounding influences in the intermediate years along with positive and negative experiences through the course of development of adult life.

The self-identity of an individual depends on the environment that he or she grows up in.

It is a typical academic essay made of 5 paragraphs; unlike general papers, this one should relate to the topics associated with the origins of the writer.

It is a great chance for all international students who made their long way to the United States or the United Kingdom from China, India, German, Egypt, and other countries where English is not an official language.

The conflicts or negotiating aspects can also be expressed in writing as a way of expressing one’s individuality.

Though self-identity is often influenced by social norms or what a person might want others to think of themselves, the true manifestation of a person’s traits or character lies in belief and confidence in oneself beyond what are existing cultural or social norms.


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