What Invention Did Vannevar Bush Write About In 1945 Essay

In (1991) James Nyce and Paul Kahn published a version of "As We May Think" that shows the differences between the two different versions of Bush's essay published in 1945. Department of Agriculture, in collaboration with Engineering Research Associates of St.Nyce and Kahn also developed a brief animated film showing how the Memex might have operated. Paul, Minnesota, using funds provided by the Office of Technical Services of the Department of Commerce, began the development of the Rapid Selector machine for the electronic searching of information recorded in reels of microfilm.

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For security reasons its existence was not publicized until October 1945.Bush, himself, never seems to have developed a working version of the machine, though his group worked on a prototype. Shaw's device incorporated technology developed by Emanuel Goldberg in 1928-1931, and by Bush starting in 1938.Shaw's Rapid Selector was an attempt to realize goals described in Bush's 1945 publication, Shaw's machine "was based on the earlier prototype developed from 1938 to 1940 by a team at MIT under Bush's direction.In December 2011 I acquired a copy of Roberto Busa's (Milano, 1951).This bi-lingual work with texts in English and Italian was subtitled, "A First Example of Word Index Automatically Compiled and Printed by IBM Punched Card Machines." Before deciding to employ IBM electric punched card tabulators to produce his concordance Father Busa took the opportunity to see the Rapid Selector in operation at the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D. He wrote that he was able to see it operating in November 1949, and that: "Its principal feature is the whirlwiind speed with which it explores the reels of microfilm— 10,000 photograms per minute— and instantaneously rephotographs on another microfilm strip all and only those photograms which bear a determined item.Hence, the project developed cooperatively between the Department of Commerce and Agriculture and Engineering Research Associates, Inc..Specifications for a system meeting the requirements were drawn up by ERA in August, 1947, under the title "General Description and Proposed Technical Specifications for Microfilm Selector'.Bush published a popular description of the aims of his Rapid Selector information retrieval machine in his 1945 article, described the Memex, an electromechanical microfilm machine, which Bush began developing conceptually in 1938.As conceived, the Memex was capable of making permanent associative links in information.The project's objective was to develop, within two years, a prototype machine capable of selecting microfilmed business records from microfilm rapidly: A microfilm rapid selector.Bush's selector was indeed rapid because it took advantage of two new developments: Improved photoelectric cell technology; and the stroboscopic lamp pioneered by his colleague Harold E. By creating a bright flash of light lasting only one-millionth of a second, the stroboscopic lamp made it possible to copy a selected microfilm image "on the fly," without stopping the film (and the search) to make a copy.


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