Water Research Paper

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Here we present a cumulative risk methodology that combines a risk-based cancer metric with a weighted health indicator index for non-cancer contaminants and incorporates disability weights from the Global Burden of Disease study.The EPA’s technical support materials for the National Air Toxics Assessment note that the true value of the cumulative risk is not known and that the actual risks could be lower than predicted [2].These risks could also be higher, for example, due to potential synergistic interaction among co-occurring carcinogens.Submissions for the CAP Award for Water Research are accepted anytime during a given year. Submissions are reviewed by a committee comprised of a member of CAP's popularly elected Board of Directors, CAP staff members and CAP water customers.All applicants are notified of the results of their applications through electronic correspondence.Theoretically, additive, synergistic and antagonistic interactions are possible for mixtures of contaminants that affect even a single organ or tissue [1].The 1996 amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act required the U. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct research to “develop new approaches to the study of complex mixtures, such as mixtures found in drinking water, especially to determine the prospects for synergistic or antagonistic interactions that may affect the shape of the dose-response relationship of the individual chemicals and microbes” (Public Law No. Yet for drinking water contaminants that target diverse body systems – for example, reproductive, endocrine, neurodevelopmental, dermal, and respiratory – and those associated with cancer toxicity outcomes, the question of chemical interactions seemingly becomes intractable at the present state of scientific research.Our methodology generates a numeric toxicity score reflecting the potential health impacts for the sum of contaminants present in each sample of drinking water.Further research is needed to refine the risk and toxicity parameters for specific contaminants and to address the mode of interaction between co-occurring chemicals.As more precise information on chemical interactions becomes available, this initial model would become more refined and reliable.Meanwhile, an additive approach to cumulative cancer risk assessment can help scientists and risk managers carry out an overall risk characterization.


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