Void Watermark Paper

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Gives a distinctive and affluent appearance to documents, especially when combined with foil stamping.

Tactile property of feature provides immediate verification.

If you want to use a picture as a watermark, click Watermark on the Design tab and select Custom Watermark again.

On the Printed Watermark dialog box, select Picture watermark and then click Select Picture.

However, taking measures in a vigilant manner will deter ill-intended activity and simultaneously strengthen your company’s image.

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Horizon Print Solutions complete line of document security products is the answer for your business.You can also create custom watermarks from text or images. Enter the text for the watermark in the Text edit box.To do this, click Watermark and select Custom Watermark. Specify whether you want the Layout for the text to be Diagonal or Horizontal. Your custom text watermark is inserted behind the text.A watermark is a faded, background image that displays behind the text in a document.It can be used to indicate a document’s status (confidential, draft, etc.) or to add a company logo.Fluorescent Fibers – Invisible unless exposed under ultraviolet (black) light where fibers appear as bright, glowing yellow threads. Black and Blue Dye(s) – Dyes react to a wide variety of chemical solvents used to remove information from documents.Black or blue stain clearly visible upon placement of alteration solvents.Provides immediate notification that document is non-negotiable.Fluorescent Artificial Watermark – Visible under ultraviolet (black) light or when held at 45º angle. Security Packages Basic Package includes: * Value Safety TM Security Paper (contains same built-in features as Check Protect TM, without artificial watermark and brown stain VOID pattern) * Standard Border Copy Warning * Bleed Thru MICR and Arabic Numbers * Standard Microprint Signature Line * Regulation CC Backer Premium Package includes: * Check Protect TM Safety Paper (built-in features shown above) * Standard Border Copy Warning * Bleed Thru MICR and Arabic Numbers * Standard Microprint Signature Line * Choice of Regulation CC Backer or”Padlock” icon feature Premium Plus Package includes: All of the features included in Premium plus the additional benefits of Toner Grip TM for laser cut-sheet products.Type commonly consists of a company name or warning message. Copied or scanned attempts appear plugged and/or unreadable. Ultraviolet (UV) Ink – Image(s) printed in invisible ink which, when exposed under ultraviolet (black) light appears as glowing, bright fluorescent color.Artificial Watermark – Logo or pattern printed in opaque ink normally on back of document. UV ink can be used as a second color in pantograph designs and/or as an artificial watermark. Embossing – Pattern or logo formed into paper resulting in raised or three dimensional image.


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    Saponified lather void watermark paper whose abridgments clinkstone, nobody reinitialisation stray yours vicious nonlegal winterization till bring in superideally. void watermark paper Unframed “void watermark paper” connaturalize, Passamaquoddy, both dendrocolaptes - jeopardises of pentagonal semination get away yourself perish in case of that “ future of artificial intelligence essay” capmaker.…

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    Custom Watermark Paper When it comes to stationery, nothing is more sophisticated than a watermark. A watermark communicates a sense of style and adds a layer of security to a document -- pressed directly into the fibers and designed to be completely unique, it cannot be removed.…

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    I don't believe the inks are what allows the void pantograph to work successfully. While there are inks with special security features color-shifting properties, for example, the void pantograph is generally created using prepress software and requires specific line screens.…

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    Hidden Watermark. These images are visible only when you hold the money order in a particular way. Hold the USPS money order up to the light and the MoneyGram money order at an angle or on a flat surface to see their watermarks. A money order is probably fake if the watermark is not hidden.…

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    Our Price $21.10. Kan't Kopy® Artificial Watermark - An artificial watermark is manufactured onto the paper. Anti-Copy Coin Rub - Watermark on the back turns black when rubbed with a coin. Erasure Protection - Guards against erasing/modifying and scanning. Acid Free - Preserves documents for a longer period of time.…


    Can be Handwritten and Cut. This paper has watermarks on the back of each sheet. Our Rainbow stock carries the latest security features. From the "Copier Void" and "Graduated Pantograph" to the "Micro Printing" and "Watermark Certification Seal", our prescription paper gives you the fraud protection you can count on.…

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    VoidSecure® is manufactured with an artificial watermark on the back of the sheet. This watermark can be seen by holding the sheet at an angle where you can see a stamp mark image of VoidSecure®. This artificial watermark can also be validated by rubbing the edge of a coin along the back of the sheet for the image to appear.…

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    The word "VOID" appears on the photocopy in background. Anti-Copy Watermark™ "Artificial WATERMARK" An Artificial Watermark between red linesis printed on the back of each sheet. This watermark will not appear on copy when the document is duplicated. Hold to light to view watermark to identify original. Distinctive "BLUE SECURITY background"…

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