Using Critical Thinking In Everyday Life

Using Critical Thinking In Everyday Life-36
By using these techniques, you’ll find yourself becoming a clearer, better thinker.

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That’s how great business leaders develop the products that change the world – by turning negative problems into incredibly simple, profound ideas.

By thinking creatively and critically, questioning everything and looking at the situation from all angles, you don’t just solve the problem – you come up with better ideas “The first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there.

Dr Van den Brink-Budgen introduced critical thinking into the education of juvenile offenders — who had committed very serious violent offenses including murder and rape — and found it to be a great success: “In one lesson we were discussing a passage on the difference between art and craft. One of them said, “If I were to steal a Rembrandt and use it as a tablecloth, what would that make it?

” It was glorious.“Critical thinking makes you a better person.”With a repertoire of critical thinking skills at your disposal, you can make quicker, safer, more informed and more creative decisions.

These shifts have profound implications for us all.

In 2020, the most successful people will be those best equipped to move not only from job to job, but from sector to sector, and industry to industry—taking with them a skill-set that allows them to get to grips with new problems quickly and surely.

For example, better reasoning and interpretation skills might have been useful to US electronics retailer Circuit City in 2007, when it fired 3,400 of its highest-paid employees – resulting in widespread public outrage – and then attempted to argue that the cuts had no impact on plummeting sales of its products.

The possibility that customer confidence might be damaged by negative media coverage seemed not to occur to Circuit City management.

Many believe that the best thinkers are obvious in a given agency or institution. These opinions are too often based on chance circumstances; expressions of self-confidence; hierarchical position in the group-- and on hindsight.

We have learned more about how humans engage, try to understand problems, and make judgments.


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