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Men see violent masculinity as the cultural norm crucially due to media.

Men see violent masculinity as the cultural norm crucially due to media.There’s a growing connection in society between being a man and being violent (Jackson Katz, 2013).

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Throughout this essay the topics covered will be how culture defines masculinity, according to the film, violent masculinity as a cultural norm, agents of socialization that teach boys how to be men, the cool pose and the pressure to conform, the ‘ratcheting up’ of what it takes to be a real man, and effects on males’ understanding of their masculinity, as well as the short and long-term effects on the lives of men and women, and on society. It refers to the front that mainly youth boys put up to make them a real man.

In the film, Katz asked young men what it meant to be male and these men responded with things like strong, independent, powerful, in control, tough, athletic, and a stud.

I also would have devoted some time to offering some alternative definitions of masculinity, or what it means to be a real man. It’s plain to see that the tough guise is not only destructive, but also entirely inadequate for lending a sense of self-actualization to a man.

The real problem is that many men feel they have no identity as a man. “Learn how to cry” and “Don’t kill that guy” are a start, but they are hardly a convincing enough replacement for the dominant cultural stereotype. Your current frequencies of understanding outweigh that which has been given for you to understand.

Masculinity has affected every aspect of our lives including sports.

There is a cliché that football is a game for “men” and therefore, if I am a football player, I have to be strong, aggressive and defensive.

"Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the Crisis in Masculinityy." Perf.

is an hour-long documentary about the “tough guy” archetype in American culture. Faced with such an anemic definition of masculinity, many American men resort to this, the only model they can think of.

In real life, toughness is not necessarily masculine, and masculinity is not necessarily tough, but if you ask American culture, it will tell you the two are the practically synonyms. The tough guise, Katz says, dictates that women must be physically objectified.

Katz shows footage of the well-respected radio shock jock Howard Stern instructing women to strip and criticizing their bodies on the air. He cites the crying scene from in which the protagonist courageously gets out of a car that was destined for violent revenge.


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