Three Keys Happy Life Essay

Three Keys Happy Life Essay-18
The key to happiness and fulfillment in life doesn’t come by achieving but rather is a result of how we express ourselves.When you express love and acceptance you are happy.

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If striving for goals and improvement leaves us feeling unfulfilled and unhappy then what is the answer?

At some point awareness that you are unhappy tells you that something needs to change.

We often associate feeling happy with who we were with what we had, or what we were doing. It was the love we were expressing at the time that fulfilled us.

Studies show that people who are happy are spending time gardening, with people they love, and working on things they are passionate about.

Studies have shown that these external things don’t affect a person’s happiness beyond a short time.

More than one Hollywood star has reached their goals only to turn to drugs and alcohol to deaden the emotional pain caused by their beliefs about themselves.

The self rejection dynamic is happening in the mind.

Rejection from the voice in our head is painful if we believe it The motivation to lose weight is directly coupled to emotional pain.

Any time you establish goals or create an image of perfection your mind has an opportunity for self rejection.

The pain of that rejection will drive us to focus our attention on something else.


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