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I thought that being courageous meant that you jumped into risky situations and did something noble.

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Finally, if you're writing your essay for the Common Application, keep in mind that your title will go in the text box with the rest of the essay, and the title will count toward your essays overall word count.

As a kid, I associated courage with war heroes and firefighters.

Then there are more fun, but still not very newsworthy things, like moving to a distant country or training for a marathon. They are much more fulfilling than the things that come easily.

Essays from Book Rags provide great ideas for Courage essays and paper topics like Essay. Courage Definition Essay …Perfect courage is to do without witnesses what one would be capable of doing with the world looking on…

Duc De La Rouchfoucauld This is a good example essay on Courage and Bravery.

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Category: Expository Definition Essays; Title: Free Definition Essay - The Meaning of Courage Courage is a necessity to overcome fears and achieve a desired goal. There is no hero or any particular courageous figure describes courage.

While it defines physical courage, it omits inner courage which can be argued to be much more valuable to posses.

Ask yourself which work you'd be more excited to read: "The Casque of Amontillado" or "Some Random Story by Edgar Allan Poe That's About Something that You'll Figure Out After You Read It." If you don't provide a title, you don't give your reader any reason to be interested in beginning your essay other than a sense of duty.

Make sure the college admissions folks are motivated to read your essay by curiosity, not by the necessity of their assigned drudge work. Clearly a newspaper without titles would be ridiculous. Your reader wants to know what it is that he or she is going to read. Academic essays often have titles that look like this: "Julia Cameron's Photography: A Study of the Use of Long Shutter Speeds to Create Spiritual Effects." For an application essay, such a title would come across as over-written, pompous, and ridiculous. Many writers—both novices and experts—have a difficult time coming up with a title that works well.


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