Thinker Tasks Critical Thinking Activities Answers

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Frame a open ended real problem, wait for the answer, then push back politely. By pushing you a bit, very respectfully and in a very dignified non-challenging way, I am trying to assess your personality type. Can stand up and defend (it is amazing how many people fall at this). But here is the most amazing thing: even if you know precisely what I am going to do, above, it is nearly impossible for you to "prepare" for it. How did you identify the last fantastic employee you hired?

Independent thinking is always important, even in team exercises.

Independent thinkers strengthen a team because they understand that different backgrounds and perspectives bring different ideas and solutions.

Dependant thinkers uncritically accept whatever they are taught and rarely question information or asking themselves if the information really make sense.

Independent thinkers feel the need to make sense of the world based on personal observations and experiences rather than just going along with the thoughts of others.


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