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Most of the time, these excuses sound superficially reasonable, when in reality, they are completely irrational. It's always the mind (thoughts and emotions) that gets in the way.want to study harder, but your mind tells you to start tomorrow.

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On top of these psychological issues, my severe procrastination has also caused me some serious physical pain.

Because I procrastinated on going to the doctor on multiple occasions, I am now carrying with me some chronic ailments such as an incurable ankle that doesn’t allow me to play football (or many other sports) for more than 3-4 times a week. The point is, procrastination is not only the thief of time, but also the thief of health, happiness, and success.

Because these emotions are uncomfortable (research shows they literally cause pain in our brains! That’s when procrastination happens: to relieve negative emotions, we distract ourselves with something that feels better.

At its very core, procrastination is therefore an emotion regulation problem.My goal is to compile a list containing all of the best strategies to overcome procrastination. My aim is to keep updating the list, so if you find any interesting research not mentioned here, please let me know.A couple of notes before we dive in: Oh, and before I forget: I’ve also created a beautiful PDF version of this article along with a handy checklist referencing all 33 strategies.Knowing this underlying process of why and how we procrastinate is a crucial first step to overcoming this dreadful habit.Next up, we can learn to take action regardless of how we’re feeling…A common misperception is that we believe we have to actually feel like it.You can download it for free in the box below or at the end of this article.This first section is meant to give you some basic and helpful facts about procrastination.We don’t know how to deal with negative emotions and use procrastination as our coping mechanism.It’s always the same story, whether we’re conscious of what’s happening or not.It eats away at our momentum, keeps us from making progress towards our goal, and negatively impacts our health, relationships, and well-being in general.It’s a dreadful habit that I’ve been struggling with my entire life.


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