Thesis Statement On Religion And Politics

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If a Christian aims at love but not at truth, he will become a sellout, sacrificing biblical convictions in an attempt to seem more loving or more tolerant in a society that has turned against Christian convictions.

Another objection is that “no political party or program encapsulates God’s wisdom and will for the world.” Again, this statement is true but it is not a reason for us to try to separate religion and politics.

One objection is that “politics doesn’t save; therefore, we should not waste our time.” The point of the objection usually is that Christians sometimes put more energy and affection into their political views and activism than they do their personal devotion to the Lord or their efforts to share the gospel.

In response, we affirm that Christians should put energy and affection into their own spiritual formation and into sharing the Gospel.

“Never discuss religion or politics with those who hold opinions opposite to yours; they are subjects that heat in handling, until they burn your fingers.” So wrote Thomas Chandler Haliburton, a Canadian politician and judge, in 1840. He was merely expressing what many modern Westerners think: we shouldn’t talk about religion and politics in polite company, especially if the two subjects are joined together and more so if the people in the room do not agree.

This sort of common wisdom is well-intentioned but wrong.That Someone might be the God of Jesus Christ or the Allah of Muhammad.Alternatively, it might be sex, money, power, or success.Similarly, if a person absolutizes sex or money or power, that absolutization will cascade outward from the private recesses to the public words and actions of that person.We cannot disintegrate the person by severing the public from the private.In other words, the human heart is a playground for the gods.Second, we cannot separate our private self from our public self.In one way or another, our heart loyalties will radiate outward into our public words and actions.Exactly how our religious commitments radiate outward and translate into public life is significant, because religion and politics can be mixed in good or bad ways, but whether they radiate outward is not up for grabs.We must make clear that we are finite and fallen humans, unable to know comprehensively or with certainty how to apply God’s will to certain policy issues or political circumstances.In other words, no political party or platform will encapsulate God’s will for a particular country.


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