Thesis Statement On Dancehall Music

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While the indifferent attitude of the government caused international relationships to somewhat suffer, it would have caused too great an upheaval in Jamaican society to defend the positions of international human rights groups, due to government respect of the deep embedment of conservative Jamaican moral values.

Despite the presence of the Jamaican moral code, caustic reference to homosexuality in dancehall lyrics is not deeply rooted in the history of the music.

Side-by-side comparisons of artist lyrics pre- and post-2009 clearly show the continued presence of vulgarities, but in more cerebral or endearingly profane forms.

[8] Violent and aggressive sentiments still exist but popular artists are paying homage to their lyrical forefathers through political commentary in addition to the unscrupulous materials that initially merited the ban.

They were kept off the radar of the older, more traditional generation, and out of the reach of the impressionable youth.

As a result of internet downloading, smart phones and the utilization of car stereos, in 2008 everyone on the island was bombarded by the titillating “Ramping Shop”.Introduction Boasting its fiftieth year of independence, the Greater Antillean isle of Jamaica touts a large and progressive musical catalog that makes the industry one of the country’s most internationally known exports.Indigenous to Jamaica, reggae is a calming music that inspires tranquility and feelings of adoration.While the Broadcasting Commission has not furthered the ban, it claims to be constantly watching the dancehall environment should the need arise for it to interject itself into the recording booth in the future. [11] With one of the liberated presses in the world, especially with consideration of regional neighbors, further censors on music seem counterproductive to social growth in Jamaica. [11] “Cordel Green Speaks on the Issue of Payola.” [6/27/2011]. More creativity has emerged on the music scene and instances of daggering no longer burden songs.The newer face of dancehall is still not as defined as many wish for it to be— sexually explicit lyrics, while rightfully removed from the airwaves, still manage to find a continued presence off of radio and television frequencies.[2] Amidst this turmoil, the Jamaican government missed an important opportunity to decry lyrical advocacy of violence against homosexuals, furthering confrontations with the international community.The 2009 Censorship Directives Frequently ignored by non-enthusiasts, at its core dancehall shares characteristics with its more illustrious, ubiquitous musical predecessor, reggae.In fact, the government stood against the international community by neglecting to attempt its regulation, including the removal of homophobic lyrics, due to its the acceptance of within the general Jamaican population.While the dissemination of abusive lyrics was tepidly condemned by the 1996 “Television and Broadcasting Commission Regulations,” of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ), homophobic content was inadvertently condoned by section 30(a) of the regulations which states that, “No licensee shall permit to be transmitted [for] any matter in contravention of the Laws of Jamaica”.


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