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If you want to get rid of that whitespace, you’ll need to add a few lines of code to your Thesis file. Click on the Thesis Custom Styling option under the Appearance menu in your dashboard sidebar.

This allows you to make changes to your Thesis file.

I'm really interested to publish my thesis on a website HTML CSS (when it's done) augmented with tools to annotate it, like the philoweb initative (see here, and here).

I know the universal converter Pandoc or the latex2html, but i'm interested to know if others tools exists, or if some users already create a batch workflow to make this conversion automaticaly. Updated list (16 april 2015) : MWE creation : I propose a first link to collaborate on a complex MWE to test these tools, which contain all complex elements you want : Link to public MWE on sharelatex Things to transform and eventually beautify with some js : .

Math example: annotation examples: For sidebar, you can make a standalone file for each chapter, with local TOC for sections and subsections.

Thesis Sidebar Menu

So you can make sidebar containing this TOC and links to previous and next chapter.

The code is here // basic DOM functions // based on var q = document.query Selector All.bind(document); Element.= Element.Event Listener; var create El = function(el, cls, text) var bibdoc = null; var is Bibbox = function() var make Bib Tooltip = function(bib,id,el) var get Bib Doc = function(url,id,el) Event Listener("DOMContent Loaded", function() { var bibs = q("span.cite"); for(i=0;i\Require Package \Require Package \Preamble \Configure \Configure \Add Css \Add Js \Add Js \Add Js % fix sublist indentation \Css \Css % we can use helper macros to use variables in the CSS \def\numcalc#1 \def\sidebarwidth % sidebar is on a fixed position.

you should play with this \Css % fix local TOC formating \Css \Css % we can turn off the local TOC \Css % TOC switch formatting \Css \Css % toolbar displays links to previous and next chapters and TOC switcher \Css % tooltip which displays bibliographic record when you point % a cursor on a citation \Css % make standalone page for each chapter.

It took me a few tries to get it right, but I believe I have come up with a nice working solution to list child pages in your sidebar and/or pages themselves.

It is also dynamic, meaning that it will work for any page that has child pages. All you need to do is open up the template file where you would want the child navigation to appear (most likely the file) or a widget that can parse PHP (WP PHP Widget works just fine) and place it in your desired spot.


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