Thesis Planning Schedule

Thesis Planning Schedule-90
So pick an order to write the chapters based first on how easy you think they will be to accomplish, and then on any dependencies that might be present in the content.This is the order I completed my chapters, in case you look over my thesis. This is a place where setting those word goals and deadline in Scrivener can help you.

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There is no law that states you much write Chapter 1, then 2, then 3, and so on…

In fact, I would suggest that you do not even attempt to write them in order.

This is the date that you want to put into Scrivener as your draft deadline.

This is where the planning gets a little fuzzier, because there are a lot of factors to think about here.

Obviously some chapters have to be written before others; it is very difficult to write your Synthesis Chapters if you have not analyzed and made sense of your research results.

Taking into account dependencies, plan to write your chapters in whatever order you feel will be easiest. 80% of the content had already been written, either for my IRB proposal or for various other smaller papers. I will also suggest that Chapter 1 should be the last chapter you write.

The worst that happens is you get everything done early and beat the rush of all those other grad students who are not as smart as you and waited until the last minute.

Also at the grad school site are a few fact sheets about graduation and submitting your thesis.

They have to-do lists about the paperwork needed and other helpful info.

Throw those in your Evernote Thesis Admin folder so you have them when you get closer.


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