Thesis On Disability In Pakistan

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Global research suggests that persons with disabilities face barriers when accessing health care services.Yet, information regarding the nature of these barriers, especially in low-income and middle-income countries is sparse.

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Recently, there has been an accumulation of evidence that barriers to health care access exist for persons with disabilities in less resourced countries.

According to Mac Lachlan and Mannan [13], access to health care, even in wealthy countries, is often difficult for persons with disabilities, but in poorer countries the challenges are exacerbated, combining physical, financial, and attitudinal components.

Health care needs that are not met and that exacerbate health disparities are experienced disproportionately by persons with disabilities [4].

Inequity in accessing health care for persons with disabilities is a global issue – in general, persons with disabilities have poorer health care access [5].

Barriers increased with disability severity and was reduced with increasing level of education, living in a household without disabled members and with age.

This study has shown that access to health care in a rural area in South Africa for persons with disabilities is more of an issue than for persons without disabilities in that they face more barriers.

Political marginalisation, discrimination and inequitable access to health services are experienced by persons with disabilities resulting in poorer health outcomes [6]. [7] and confirmed by the World Report on Disability [8], there is international evidence that persons with disabilities across the globe face distinctive barriers when accessing health care services, and show poorer health outcomes than nondisabled persons.

Contemporary evidence continues to support the view that persons with disabilities have less access to health care [9,10,11].

The right to access health care services in South Africa is guaranteed by Section 27 of the Constitution, but considerable inequities still remain, largely due to discrepancies in resource allocation [32, 33].

In their study on access to health care in South Africa, Harris et al.


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