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We will not help you with thesis writing but will give you access to our supportive community where you can ask for help and share your experience with other students driven by a goal of creating research with a high positive impact on the world.

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In journal articles, authors tend to describe a study that has already taken place and so tenses are much more consistent. Make sure to read the aims and scope of journals you are interested in to be as certain as you can be that your paper falls within the journal’s scope.

If your research falls outside of the aims and scope, look for a more suitable home for your paper – as submitting it there would be a wasted effort.

What if you could use this opportunity for something more than just getting your degree?

What if you could use it to learn about or even work on the most important and pressing problems our world faces?

Cecily Betz, Editor-in-Chief of the and Dawn Nahlen, Publisher at Elsevier, discussed eight golden tips to help you transform your thesis into a research paper for publication in a journal.

Some of the differences between articles and theses are rather clear – consider word limits and the level of detail you should employ in your study. For instance, verbs in a thesis may be in the future “I will research” in the past tense “I researched”.

This service is free - we only want to direct students to the most important problems and support research into these problems.

Many first-time authors use the research conducted as part of their Ph D or even Master’s thesis as a basis for a journal article.

Check each journal’s recommended structure and reference style for articles on its website, typically found in the “guide for authors”, to ensure that your paper is not desk rejected.

You might find it useful to look at Elsevier’s Journal Finder tool when trying to identify a fit for your article.


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