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Digital Object Identifiers are becoming increasingly common for online journals, and OJS supports them.If you wish to use DOIs, you will not only need to select one of the options here, but also in Setup Step 1.1 (see previous).

You must supply a name and email for your technical support contact.

This contact information will be presented for contact purposes in key areas throughout the system, and will be available from About the Journal.

The following three forms (1.5, 1.6, 1.7) will add information to the About the Journal section of your journal web site, under Journal Sponsorship.

You can specify publisher information in the first form.

Once this is activated, an Announcements link will automatically appear in the navigation bar of the journal, and an Announcement section will be added to the Journal Manager's Management Pages menu.

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The Copyeditor edits submissions to improve grammar and clarity, works with authors to ensure everything is in place, ensures strict adherence to the journal's bibliographic and textual style, and produces a clean, edited copy for the Layout Editor to turn into the galleys that will be in the published format of the journal.

Carefully selecting the most appropriate disciplines, classification system, and keywords will enhance the ability of others to find your articles.

In OJS, Authors index their own submissions, but this information can be checked over and changed by Editors at any time.

This form allows you to select from a number of indexing formats, add relevant examples to guide the authors, and provide them with a link to a subject classification system (such as the Library of Congress).

You can register the contents of your journal with the Public Knowledge Project Metadata Harvester or other OAI-compliant services (e.g., OAIster), which will allow for comprehensive searching among sites that adhere to the OAI Protocol for metadata harvesting.


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