Theological Essay On Nothingness

Such is the essential teaching we draw from the biblical cosmogony, and in particular from the introductory description of the Book of Genesis.Together with all that Sacred Scripture says in different places about the work of creation and about God the Creator, this description enables us to set out certain elements in relief: 1) God created the world by himself.Those same tendencies are present also in our century in certain developments of the exact sciences and of the atheistic ideologies.

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The biblical text affirms the total dependence of the visible world on God, who as Creator has full power over every creature (the so-called dominium altum).

It sets out in relief the value of all creatures in God's eyes.

The author of the first chapter of Genesis wished to confirm the teaching contained in the Decalogue by inculcating the obligation to keep holy the seventh day.

The account of the work of creation deserves to be read and meditated upon frequently in the liturgy and outside of it.

Scholars have concluded that this text had its origin in the priestly and cultic circles, since the seventh day is presented as the day on which God rests.

It proposes to man the worker the example of God the Creator.

Then, in the description of the individual days, the expression recurs: "God said: Let there be...." Through the power of this word of the Creator-"fiat, let there be," the visible world gradually arises.

In the beginning the earth is "without form and void." Later, under the action of God's creative word, it becomes suitable for life and is filled with living beings, with plants and animals, in the midst of which God finally created man "in his own image" (Gen ).

Above all, this text has a religious and theological importance.

It doesn't contain significant elements from the point of view of the natural sciences.


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