The Use Of Computer At Education Essay

The Use Of Computer At Education Essay-84
Inquiry-based learning is the best way to teach the learners where they get an opportunity to research on different topics individually.Therefore, technology should be fused with this method of teaching to make the learner’s brain keep working instead of being totally dependent on them.

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There are lots of problems like server error and connectivity problems which take oodles of time to troubleshoot it, therefore, hindering the learning process which can sometimes be a matter of frustration both for the learners and the educators.

Wastage of time because of unnecessary issues is not at all advisable in schools or any learning institutes where every second is valuable for the learners.

4) Waste of valuable time- It is the humanbeing who built technology not the technology that created a human.

As humans are not error-free, similarly technology too does not come error-free.

6) Majorsources of distractions- One of the statistics that revealed, almost 60% of the schools in U. all these activities create a huge distance between them and their education.

7) Creating enough room for cheating- The mechanized world is making you more and more lazy giving all the powers to control everything by a click of mouse.

Softwares keep on upgrading and if a teacher does not possess technical skills, it becomes difficult for him to execute it in the right direction.

Hence, educators have to be expert in technical skills toor the school has to hire technical experts adding extra expenses to their expenditures to overcome these technical challenges.

Thus learners are just using technology instead of gaining knowledge from it.

Using applied science to achieve education in the proper way is a good thing but to transform it into an active set of skills is a matter of time.


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