The Hunchback Assignments

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Modo, a deformed hunchback, is a baby in gypsy caravan. Socrates, a highly-placed British intelligence operative, and raised to be one of Socrates' agents.

In addition to teaching him tradecraft, martial arts and a well-rounded classification, Modo's training unlocks his innate shapeshifting ability.

Finchley for her role as Modo’s surrogate and loving mother.

I cried for Oscar and Oppie because neither one of them deserved what happened to them at the hands of Dr. Because I feel so invested in them, I am eager to read the rest of Slade’s Hunchback series. Socrates names him Modo, which Slade tells his reader means ‘formed,’ a reference to his belief that Modo is a person and complete despite his appearance.

Socrates after a lifetime of seclusion to prove himself.

When a girl named Octavia comes into Modo’s life, they stumble upon the Clockwork Guild’s nefarious efforts to create a mind control serum.

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Number of Pages: 275 Age Range: 12-14 Review: Kind-hearted and taught to expect fear and rejection, Modo is a sensitive character with honourable intentions and a desire to protect those weaker than he is. Socrates’ wing to be one of his spies, has similar characteristics for different reasons.

Together, they make a great team, sussing out the Clockwork Guild’s evil intentions and ignoring the orders of those in power to save the innocents.


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