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In Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, Miller uses the Salem Witchraft Trials of 1692 to demonstrate how easily people can be drawn into a kind of mob mentality which ultimately hurts innocent people.Writing a thesis statement demands that you have a topic chosen for your paper.

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"The Crucible" takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 during a historical period known for witch hunts, which Miller researched extensively, according to commentary by Harold Bloom.

Theses that compare the play to the historical city may consider how Miller chooses to represent the early Puritan society or the commentary Miller seems to be making about the society.

Comparisons between those who hold varying social statuses, including ministers and servants, may be developed into theses about social stratification and truth.

While "The Crucible" depicts Puritan society during the witch trials, Miller's experience with the Communist red scare of the 1950s, including the House Committee on Un-American Activities, is often said to be the basis for the hysteria portrayed in the play.

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Developing a thesis based on themes of "The Crucible" presents an opportunity to support or refute common themes associated with Miller's play.

Puritan culture and its conflict with individualism may be developed into theses about the ability of individuality to exist in Puritan culture or how religious beliefs influence day-to-day life and affect individuals.


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