The American Dream For Immigrants Essay

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Knowing all this, I am no longer naive enough to believe the American dream is possible for everyone who attempts it. What it lacks is an equal playing field of opportunity.Throughout my life, my family and I knew this uncomfortable truth: To better our future, we would have to enter spaces that felt culturally and racially unfamiliar to us.

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This trend continued in college and afterward: As an English major, I was often the only person of color in my literature and creative writing classes.

As a teacher, I was often one of few teachers of color at my school or in my teacher training programs.

I thought: That moment encapsulated what I had always thought of the “American dream.” My parents had come to this country from Mexico and Ecuador more than 30 years before, seeking better opportunities for themselves.

They worked and saved for years to ensure my two brothers and I could receive a good education and a solid financial foundation as adults.

Your "foreign-sounding" name can determine whether someone considers you qualified for a job.

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Your family’s income can determine the quality of your public school or your odds that your entrepreneurial project succeeds. They have created a society where most every American is working hard and yet only a small segment are actually moving forward.

She was the first person from her to family to leave home to attend college, and her conservative extended family criticized her for leaving home before marriage.

“One night they sat me down, told me my conduct was shameful and was staining the reputation of the family,” she told me, “My family thought a woman leaving home had more to do with her promiscuity than her desire for an education.

The philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” But in the United States, too often people work hard every day, and yet never receive the opportunities that I did — an opportunity as simple as a teacher advocating on their behalf.

Statistically, students of color remain consistently undiscovered by teachers who often, intentionally or not, choose mostly white, high-income students to enter advanced or “gifted” programs, regardless of their qualifications.


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