Term Paper On The Application Of Computers In Health

The job of the National Information Board (NIB) is to put data and technology safely to work for patients, service users, citizens and the caring professionals who serve them, to help ensure that health and care in this country is improving and sustainable.The urgency of this is increasingly evident: the health and care system faces unprecedented financial constraint at a time of rising demand for its services.

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Established by the Department of Health, the NIB is a new body which brings together national health and care organisations from the NHS, public health, clinical science, social care and local government, together with appointed lay representatives.

It is charged with developing the strategic priorities for data and technology in health and care to deliver the maximum benefit for all of us, as citizens and patients and to make appropriate recommendations for investment and action.

Six patient and public representatives have also now been appointed to the NIB itself. It is not a national plan, but a framework for action that will support frontline staff, patients and citizens to take better advantage of the digital opportunity.

The NIB will report annually on progress made against the priorities detailed in this framework and review them each year to reflect changing technology and accommodate new requirements from the public and staff.

Technology can help people use care services less by supporting healthier lives; and it can transform the cost of services when they are needed.

It is key to helping our NHS meet the efficiency, as well as quality, challenges it faces.To date the health and care system has only begun to exploit the potential of using data and technology at a national or local level.Our ambition is for a health and care system that enables people to make healthier choices, to be more resilient, to deal more effectively with illness and disability when it arises, and to have happier, longer lives in old age; a health and care system where technology can help tackle inequalities and improve access to services for the vulnerable.The proposals in this framework are not comprehensive but they represent the core and immediate priorities for delivery of modern digital health and care services.Later this financial year the NIB will publish a set of ‘roadmaps’, laying out in greater detail who will do what to transform digital care.The gaps are exacerbated by the lack of integration across care services – hospital, community and home, clinical and social care, formal and informal settings.This framework addresses the challenge of how to exploit the potential of information technology and data to help bridge these gaps.The failure to use information properly in health and care means people can experience unnecessary levels of preventable ill health.Those using services can suffer harm when it could be avoided, could live in greater pain and distress than they need to, and are less likely than expected to experience a full recovery.It can give patients and citizens more control over their health and wellbeing, empower carers, reduce the administrative burden for care professionals, and support the development of new medicines and treatments.In other parts of our lives, we see the benefits of technology: in the way we book our travel and holidays, manage our bank accounts and utility bills, buy groceries, connect and communicate with our friends and family.


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