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I can imagine as the student’s skills increase in essay writing, then they would modify their essay writing approach even further.I have only used this so far with the 13 year old, but I am going to introduce it to my 11 year old who is in grade 5 this year as well.

I can imagine as the student’s skills increase in essay writing, then they would modify their essay writing approach even further.I have only used this so far with the 13 year old, but I am going to introduce it to my 11 year old who is in grade 5 this year as well.

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' One of the TEEL paragraphs in an extended response to this question could be: The legend is based on the reporting of the courage and bravery shown by the ANZACs.

This is most clearly seen on the day of the landing at ANZAC Cove on 25th April, 1915. this race of athletes proceeded to scale the cliffs …there has been no finer feat in this war than this sudden landing in the dark and storming the heights".

TEEL is a process that helps them to develop this skill by writing structured paragraphs that link to form an argument.

TEEL is an acronym for the following: Topic sentence – introduces the paragraph Here are two examples of TEEL paragraphs: Imagine the question was ‘How did events at Gallipoli create the ANZAC legend?

Napoli e una citta meravigliosa ed e meravigliosamente diversa dalla tipica citta italiana.

This article will explain what teel means and how to.

P Point - make your main point in the first sentence. E Expand - explain what you mean in more detail E Evidence & examples - support your argument with facts, evidence and examples L Link – link your point back to the thesis statement or main argument Source: M.

This post on the Teel Essay Structure is part of my 21 Challenge.

I am sure you know the old hamburger image and the TEEL structure, but I find that these models do not convey the sophistication and analytical depth that is needed for a good paragraph / essay for IB History. I am calling it TEAC (Click on the poster): in the first place not only …

B Background or lead in sentence/s A Argument/hypothesis/thesis statement M Main points - overview the main points Follow the PEEL structure in the body of an essay to write clear and cohesive paragraphs.


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