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"We are here and will help them as investors, generally around key events of the company funding events and major business developments," said Axelrod."We still talk to companies from two years ago all the time.

"We are here and will help them as investors, generally around key events of the company funding events and major business developments," said Axelrod."We still talk to companies from two years ago all the time.

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Thanks to the recent interest in incubators, programs are now offered for companies from all different industries, ranging from tech and retail to restaurants and media, among many others. Accelerators are interested in achieving the same overall goal of helping to improve the odds of success for startups, but these programs go about achieving that goal in a very different way.

First and foremost, accelerators generally make an investment in the companies enrolled in their programs.

Here is a quick guide to navigating these increasingly popular concepts. According to the National Business Incubator Association (NBIA), an incubator is "a business support process that accelerates the successful development of startup and fledgling companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services.

These services are usually developed or orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the business incubator and through its network of contacts." In short, these programs exist to help improve the odds of success for startups.

The general public may not yet know the difference between business incubators and accelerators, which have both become vital resources for startups.

Despite often getting lumped together, the two concepts have several important factors that differentiate them.By 2006, that number had grown to over 1,400, with 1,115 located in the United States and the rest evenly divided between Canada and Mexico. Local economic development councils or grants from universities, state governments or the federal government fund the rest, which are nonprofits. A successful incubator business model reflects the needs of the local entrepreneurial community; so, if you will be serving entrepreneurs coming out of a school like California Institute of Technology, specializing in technology start-ups is a good approach, though over half of existing incubators provide what's called mixed-use incubation -- no particular specialty.About 40 percent specialize in technology and the rest on general business and professional services.As an accelerator, we are looking to accelerate the trajectory and path of the business." The ERA, which was launched in 2011, offers ,000 in exchange for an 8 percent equity stake in the startup business.Though thousands of businesses apply for the program, the ERA admits just 10 businesses into its summer and winter sessions.[Incubators Heat Up Chances of Small Business Survival] "One of the ways to think about incubation and entrepreneurship is that they help increase entrepreneurial success, opportunity and are able to strengthen communities," said Micah Kotch, director of innovation and entrepreneurship at Polytechnic Institute of New York University, which runs the Varick St., NYC ACRE and DUMBO incubators.Those programs improve the odds of success by offering things like office space, professional services and business advice.Plan your business model and set up your legal identity.Your legal entity will most likely be a corporation, and if you are going to be not-for-profit, you can apply for that status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after you have operated as a corporation.Directly approach venture capital firms, which often farm out portfolio companies to incubators.These groups are good sources of referrals to entrepreneurs seeking to start businesses, who need the assistance an incubator can provide.


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