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I will also discuss few fundamental skills our education system should teach and what can we change in Math education. We checked few dates in Jan and Oct to see if they both fall in same weekday and it worked. On a piece of paper, write weekdays Monday through Sunday on left hand side, and on the right side, write the month whose first day falls on that week day.This is the pattern she found: I said — Now, we need to figure out a way to combine this together.Education system should not evaluate students for correctness answer, but their ability to think.

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How to create 10 year calendar with less that 10 pages? I will share how I taught my 7 year old daughter to make 10 year calendar with less than 10 pages.

Then, I will answer why we should not teach simply the solutions to problems by explaining reasoning behind my teaching approach.

There are different ways to calm down; we could take a break, take three deep breaths, use "milkshake breathing". – We need to know what the problem is before we can solve it. Remember this problem belongs to you, not other people. In the beginning, you may need to help them with solutions. The focus at this step is just to generate as many solutions as possible, not to evaluate solutions. Ask children to think what would happen next if they chose a solution.

Step Three: Come up with Solutions – It is helpful to think of as many different solutions to the problem as possible. A solution might work one time but not another time.

But I let her do it wrong first time and discover the problem during verification.

Because that’s how we solve problems in real life, but school education teaches only right steps to arrive at the solution.Let’s say if we write a calendar for a month starting on each weekday, i.e Monday through Sunday on a page with numbers 1 through 7 and I wrote numbers in left hand of side of weekday. Now to create 10 year calendar, we can prepare an index to look up month and year to correct page number based on which day the first of the month falls. She: Oh yeah, I have indexes of words in end of the book. Here is the exercise we did to identify more patterns while filling the indexes: I pulled a 2009 calendar and she looked at first day of each month and wrote corresponding page number at the cell intersecting year and month.We repeated it for 2010, then asked her to check if there is any pattern between 20. And also adding 1 to seven becomes 1 again since there is no eight.Learning Archimedes imaginative skill is more important than to learn formulas using π and calculating areas of various shapes.The current education system is created for industrial revolution.It’s goal is to teach facts to create factory workers who can follow the instructions.Unfortunately to get the good grades, many students simply memorize the facts.She easily found that each number just got incremented by 1. To fill 2011, she didn’t look at the 2011 calendar, instead just followed the pattern by just adding 1 to 2010’s page number.Then we both checked against 2011 calendar and it matched perfectly.The more problems you solve, the easier it is to think of solutions. – Think about what would happen if you chose each of the solutions you came up with. A safe solution means no one will be hurt or upset. Help children to reframe the problem so it is defined as their problem, not someone else’s problem. Have the children go through the solutions they generated and think about what would happen next.


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