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The aim of this assignment is to analyse my intervention with a service user and her family whilst on my 80-day placement.Whilst on placement I critically explored the social work value base, having demonstrated how I worked within the framework of the social work process.

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My intervention was with a 12-year-old girl, who I will refer to as Amy, who had been referred by social services; her behaviour was causing concern due to relocation with her father and stepfamily.

Amy had previously lived with her mother, with whom she had a good relationship, however, she involved Amy in age inappropriate conversations, had depression, alcohol issues, and allowed Amy to witness scenes of domestic violence.

Social services had previously been involved, albeit in another region, hence the local authority felt further support and guidance was necessary to alleviate some of the family’s problems.

I have drawn a genogram to establish Amy’s direct family and stepfamily, a genogram enables “ …

A final definition of system is a set of objects that affect one another within the environment in order to create a larger pattern, one that is different than the parts.

Systems must continually engage in input and output with the environment.Biesteck 1961, (cited in Dominelli, 2002) says confidentiality is a characteristic of the social work profession together with respect and self-determination.The agency was part of the voluntary sector, located in an area of regeneration, with high levels of deprivation, poverty, and homelessness, being established because there was a recognition that the area was particularly needy due to high levels of unemployment, crime, lone parents, pensioners, poor housing, and people experiencing health and social problems.Systems theory is a multidisciplinary approach to the study of an abstract organization.While the term remains largely vague within academia, it attempts to investigate phenomena that are common to complex systems as well as create mathematical models in order to describe them.The agency has a good working relationship with the Children’s Directorate and other organisations and continues to update it policies and procedures according to new government frameworks and agendas.The agency works in partnership with children’s centres, schools, social services, health teams, educational welfare teams, housing associations and various others, providing ongoing support and intervention.The first part are objects, either physical or abstract, or both.The second part is attributes, the properties of the system and its various objects. The fourth quality is that the system exists in an environment.Amy’s mother was unable to care for her, and she was fostered until a few months ago.For several months Amy had been living with her father and stepfamily, and was finding it difficult to adapt to her new living arrangements.


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