Strategies To Improve Critical Thinking Skills In Nursing

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Data were analyzed using t-test and Mann–Whitney test.

A significance level of 0.05 was considered to be statistically significant.

The mean scores of the experimental group performance level were higher than the mean score of the control group performance level.

This difference was statistically significant and students in the experimental group in OSCE stations had significantly higher performance than the control group (P Technical and treatment advancements and rapid changes of political, social and cultural factors demonstrate the need to use new active training strategies in medical and nursing education.

In nursing, critical thinking is the ability to think systematically and reflect on the reasoning process used to ensure safe nursing practice [9].

Strategies To Improve Critical Thinking Skills In Nursing

Therefore, critical thinking skills are helpful in making appropriate decisions and quality nursing care.The nursing students should be actively trained in order for them to sufficiently understand real clinical situations and gain the learning in a real context [1, 2].Deubel stated that the use of an educational theory and subsequent use of a teaching model alone is not sufficient to advance learning and in order to design active courses and create the ground for learners to think, educational spectrum and teaching models must be integrated.The integration of these practices such as simulation and critical thinking strategies will improve the effectiveness of training programs and will help students gain Nursing skills [3].Students have interest in simulation as one of the forms of interactive learning as well as a powerful way of transferring skills, which can be performed individually or in small groups.There is a need to change the focus of nursing education from traditional teacher-centered training programs to student-centered active methods.The integration of the two active learning techniques will improve the effectiveness of training programs.There are many types of simulation such as live simulation, virtual simulation, structural simulation, role-playing simulation and use of mannequins [4, 5].Simulation helps students to understand the importance of nursing interventions to patient outcomes by reflecting on the performance [6, 7].One of the problems for the nurse instructors is the implementation of critical thinking strategies in the curriculum and scenarios, which determine the clinical complications in making the right decisions for the patient [14].In most reviewed studies, the integrated simulation training was investigated only with Problem based learning and the use of other critical thinking strategies (problem solving-based on group discussion) is less studied.


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