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”You’re a lawyer needing a website for your independent firm. Therefore, you should invest a few thousand dollars for a designer to build you a site with a personalized template.A unique look stands out compared to the competition.

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While we can appreciate that this process may seem complex, we hope that you can understand that our primary aim is to provide a service which respects both the privacy and security of our community members and their data.

This means that we must follow our account ownership policy and related processes at all times.

Like, "Bob and someone else are interested ..." rather than "Bob and someone are interested ..." (I have no idea why this is so; it's just the convention.) "Someone" without "else" is normally only used when it's the only person: "Someone is interesteed ..." To add to the other answers, a trick for the native speaker to see whether to use "I" or "me" in a sentence is to take away the "someone" from the sentence and see which option sounds best. The first part of the appositive is not even in the nominative case for pronouns.

It might not even be reflexive even if it includes the speaker.

It adds no new information to the sentence, and so there is no reason to include it.

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You can't just string together alternative ways of expressing the same idea: If you really need it for clarity or emphasis, you have to surround it with some additional words, like a "that is", or sometimes just punctuation that show its purpose in the sentence.If we find evidence of trademark infringement, we can request for the account owner to change their URL and/or Display Name. A final option is to follow due legal process to determine ownership of the account in question. If you can obtain a court order or settlement agreement in your favor (regarding this profile specifically) within 90 days of the reported account’s suspension, this will then be treated as a legal request, meaning that we can revert the suspension and pass access over to you. Or maybe building an online home for your community.In any of these situations, there are dozens of do it yourself (DIY) website builders to choose from.These are common questions people ask themselves when they’re building their online presence. You may be an entrepreneur launching your business online and you need to save every penny to reinvest.Or you could be launching a blog to share your reviews of your favorite movies.If the account was set up on your behalf, you'll need to get the person who created the account to add your email address to it.If there is a conflict regarding the ownership of an account which was once shared or set up on your behalf, we must follow our account ownership policy which states that the owner of an account is the individual who controls the email address used at sign up. Gain access to the email address used to create the account; we can then restore this email to the account. If this is not possible, you can report the account, or content hosted on the account, for violating our Terms of Use on the following grounds; i."I and someone are interested" is grammatically correct.It is the convention in English that when you list several people including yourself, you put yourself last, so you really should say "Someone and I are interested." "Someone and I" is the subject of the sentence, so you should use the subjective case "I" rather than the objective "me".


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