Solving Momentum Problems

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“We’re getting out of our comfort zone, expanding our minds, and learning something different.” The reach of Building Momentum spreads beyond its residence in Alexandria and impacts Marines both inside the United States and internationally including combat operations.According to Sullivan, it is easier to teach a warfighter to be a problem solver than it is to teach an average person how to survive in a war zone.The students receive a brief overview and challenges in welding fundamentals, computer programing and coding, which helps them build controllable robots, and 3-D printing objects to help solve problems. from Tampa, Florida, and Marine partners, won with a weight-bearing capacity of 590 lbs.

“The goal for me is to learn, gather materials, and bring it back to teach my Marines,” Terrazas Jr. “If they understand and can do these kinds of tasks, than that can continuously get passed on.” Marines interested in attending upcoming workshops may contact [email protected] information.

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Thomas Sullivan, the director of training for Building Momentum, runs a monthly workshop for military members known as, Innovation Boot Camp.

“The problem solving aspect has always been at the center of what we do,” clarified Sullivan.

Here we have to use trig, and end up with a change in momentum of 2*m*v*cos(theta), which is less than the change in case A because the vertical component of the velocity involves no change in direction.

That’s how I would break down a conceptual momentum problem like this.

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“We believe you have to have a better understanding of different problem solving techniques, and not just the one that you’re good at.” Innovation Boot Camp, operating within The Garden by Building Momentum, allows access to all the equipment and technology to support the course.

Inside the walls of the workshop, are wood, metal, and electronic workshops, which are accessible to students, artists and engineers.


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