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Teachers no longer primarily lecture from the front of the class.Through these accounts, students will reflect on their work and the work of others, share perspectives, provide feedback, assist classmates in the write-edit-rewrite process.· Class calendars will be open for additions to all students as equal partners in their education journey, not just a passive offering from the teacher for class management.Work will be completed and immediately shared with stakeholders. They will always be up to date, enabling students to transparently know where they stand in the class.There will be no more “I had no idea I was doing so poorly in this class.” · Classes will be available online via You Tube or Google Hangouts both in real time and archived.It will include the videos of class, schedules, assignments, links to online materials, embeddable class calendar, and be accessible from school or home.It will blend the best of today's options --, Ighome, netvibes, Symbaloo, Mentor Mob, Portaportal, or Live Binders -- into a supremely effective, scalable portal that not only shares static information but provides methods of differentiating for various student needs.This can be via Skype, Google Hangouts, or another option not yet invented.This encourages students to help each other, tutor classmates on subjects where needed.The future may have arrived in the form of Google Classroom. · Class will be fully connected to social media, including a Twitter stream (to be used for backchannel communications, announcements, collaboration among students), a Google Plus account (to facilitate student group get-togethers, collaboration on projects, sharing of notes and knowledge, and files), and a Facebook account (to encourage bonding within the class).· All students will be able to share their screens with others.


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