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Thoreau’s parents were John Thoreau and Cynthia Dunbar.

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After finishing his final year at Concord Academy in 1833, Thoreau reluctantly began to prepare to go to Harvard University.

Although his father suggested he become an apprentice to a carpenter or cabinet-maker, his mother insisted that he get the best education he could.

Thoreau’s friend, Horace Hosmer believed Thoreau’s love of nature came from his parents.

According to the book Henry David Thoreau: A Biography, Thoreau was a bit of a loner as a child and spent most of his time outdoors: “Henry was a good student, but not a mixer.

This was more than his parents could afford so his entire family, including his siblings and two aunts, pitched in to help.

While at Harvard, Thoreau studied multiple languages and sat in on lectures on German literature by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.After Charlie lost interest and dropped out of the business it became the John Thoreau & Co.The pencils were high acclaimed and won awards for their high quality, bringing the Thoreau family financial stability.At the time, Harvard allowed students to take 13 weeks off from school in order to teach and earn money for tuition.From December of 1835 to March of 1836, Thoreau taught students at a school in Canton, Mass.Perhaps a more active flow of blood might have afforded an escape from other and later troubles.” Henry David Thoreau’s family struggled financially until Henry’s Uncle Charlie stumbled upon a graphite mine in New Hampshire in 1821.Charlie put a claim in on the mine and he and Thoreau’s father went into business together using the graphite to make pencils.Would they had been better told, or better remembered!For my memory is as poor as was her talk perennial.He stood aside and watched when the others played games.Even when the townsfolk turned out for street parades and the rollicking music of bands, he would stay home.


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