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According to World Health Organization experts, AIDS has spread to virtually every country in the world and at least five million people are thought to be infected by the fatal disease.We are still at the historic moment-which is to say, at the beginning of a worldwide epidemic whose dimensions we are unable of predict,” said Dr Jonathan Mann, the American Director of WHO special programme on AIDS.

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The AIDS virus, undoubtedly, has all the characteristics mentioned above.

Could it be that AIDS originated in the US military lab?

A number of cases had also been reported from South Korea where US military personnel were stationed in a big way.

The sharp rise in India’s AIDS cases from a mere 2.4 percent (per thousand among those tested) in 1985-86 to a staggering 15.9 percent in 1990 has occurred not without a timely warn­ing from WHO.

Eminent British Scientist John Seale holds that AIDS virus was produced artificially in a laboratory. AIDS, the Segal stress, has resulted from failure in biological warfare research in the US.

Robert Stracher, an American scientist, holds the same opinion. They say that the virus produced in the laboratory was tested on prisoners.In Western Europe AIDS was discovered in 1981; in South Africa and Trinidad in 1983, in Japan in 1984 and so on.Eighty-eight of the cases reported in Nairobi are that of prostitutes at tourist centres frequented by Americans.AZT is already being administered to patients in the U. The trial will have to be done on human beings since animals do not respond to the AIDS virus as humans do.Scientists at the National Institute of Virology at Pune have discovered a particle which may shed light on several aspects of AIDS.Following symptoms may appear single or in combination with others or may be altogether suppressed: significant and unexplainable loss of weight, cough with thick sputum, persistent watery diarrhea, swollen glands in armpits, groin and sides of neck, oral and anal ulcers persistent feeling of tiredness, reduction in the number of white blood cells, red blood cells and blood platelets. estimates, viral incubation times ranged from 5 to 10 years.According to a report published to a report published in the British magazine “Nature”, the incurable virus incubation period may last as 15 years. This dreaded disease mainly spreads through homosexual and heterosexual contacts as in the case of American Catholic Clergy.As stated by the Minister for Human Resource Development in Rajya Sabha in March 1987 “we have to be in step with the world and not out of it”, explaining that many countries were tightening up the process.During the dinner, there are toasts, a cat can be trained to avoid unwanted behavior or perform tricks.The NIV is engaged in studies on AIDS and is the first laboratory engaged by ICMR to undertake investigation.The first AIDS patient appeared in 1979 in New York.


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