Short Essay On Importance Of Computer Education

Just think of the famous commercial which states, with the advent of mobile internet (of course of a particular service provider) India is no longer going to be fooled.Exaggerated it may sounds, but in today’s world a normal human being, is surrounded by hundreds of computer related applications, literally like “Abhimunyu” within “chkrabuhya.(enough to make you crazy if you don’t know computer).Technological developments have influenced all sectors of our lives including communication, transportation, health and education.

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Many distant learning technical and mainstream courses are there, which helps students to learn at their convenient timings.

Development has been a major quest of people’s lives for quite some time.

with animation and audio visual representations dead monarchs of history comes alive, hard grammar suddenly has a note of music added to it, difficult mathematics comes out to be a cake work. Internet- with internet, data can be accessed on almost all the topics with minute details.

With colour, sound and movement- a different perspective is added to the same old boring geography or civics or education or any subject of study. “Easier to access and easier to store”-you are not going to be fooled any more.

Almost all spheres of our life are encompassed by some applications of computer. Modeling-right from designing a logo to creation of a 3-D model of a house, computer can work wonder at the stroke of a mouse.

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Calculating a cost effective way for optimum profit and production, to making school projects, applications are versatile. Communication-chatting with my friend via world wide spidery web spun through satellites and optical cables to lightning communications through e-mail, computers have opened new horizons in communication aspect- a giant leap forward from snail mail era. E commerce-using the internet platform for buying and selling at the click of a mouse is all set to change the traditional business concept. Information-gone are the days, when we have to go through an entire library of references in order to find some information.

Student from a hamlet can now access the teaching of same faculty, as in metro cities.

Thanks to video conferencing, these classes are no loner a one way traffic, student and teacher can communicate with each other now.

Using computer at schools brings significant role among students and teachers.

Children can now access Global libraries such as online video tutorials, free e-books, and FAQ forums where they can grasp concepts easily.


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