Sexually Transmitted S Research Paper

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Certain antibiotics or medicines of some other forms can be provided by the health care providers for the sexually transmitted diseases that have bacteria or some other parasites behind its cause.

Virus caused sexually transmitted diseases have few medicines that can help for controlling the spread of the disease but no medicines can causes total cure of the disease.

The reason for this change is the fact that diseases are associated with outward and noticeable symptoms, while infections can be hidden in the body, which is how many of these STIs work (ASHA, 2009). Describe the prevalence, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment and possible complications of Chlamydia Trachomatis in a woman of childbearing age.

Chlamydia is the commonest sexually transmitted disease in the United States caused by a bacterium.

These are also most effective preventive measure against HIV, and other STD transmissions unless it tears or breaks due to any reason.

Side effects of condom use may include irritation or allergic reactions, but no any other severe symptom occurs.(Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 2011) An estimation of the study made in America reveals about 68 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases infections currently in the country.There has been a huge increase in the rate of the spread of the disease.The best option is to use a latex.....AIDS Research and other partner organizations in promoting regular HIV testing among the population, improving the public awareness on HIV and reducing the new of new infections (Heath, 2013).This initiative has enabled unique populations access HIV testing and reduce the stigma and discrimination against the HIV-positive individuals.AIDS is the most advance stage of the HIV infection.Even with the advancement of the medical research no cures for the disease have still been identified and the ultimate faith of the infected person is death.Generally the infections get transmitted in having sex relation with persons infected with the disease or carrying the germs of the infections.Some forms of Bacteria, parasites and some viruses are generally the main causes of these sexually transmitted diseases.Thus in maximum cases there are no proper cure of the sexually transmitted diseases.Because of this lack of proper medical cure of the disease the medical researchers have focused on measures for reducing the spread of the disease that is to a certain extent have been a threat to medical science.


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