Self Improvement Essay

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The openness of a person to new experiences is a likely indicator of the future growth trajectory, and a few studies have shown that slightly higher stress levels associated with a little discomfort result in an optimal anxiety that is best for our performance.

If it is way out-out-of the comfort zone, it leads to anxiety and breakdown.

When you look for inspiration in disparate sources, you often realize that so many problems that concern us in our day-to-day lives have already been solved. Because it is the most sure-shot way to avoid silly mistakes, suppress the pangs of youthful arrogance and break the vicious chain of blind leading the blind.

Google can only take you so far (at least for now).

While I am no expert in bringing my shit together, I strive for self-improvement and adhere to some basic tenets given below to make this process easier, defined and repeatable.

The holy grail of self-improvement, this attitude ensures that you are open to the idea of learning without the false barriers of age, remain in tune with the changing times and do not get fossilized under the false assumption that learning is not for you, owing to a list of unique constraints (because everybody feels their problems are unique!There is an old saying that there are three kinds of people in the world: You need to aggressively gravitate towards the third-kind.Cluttered surroundings overwhelm the senses and give a nagging sense of incompletion and restlessness.The Greek philosophers spent their whole lives debating about the pros & cons of living life in a certain way.Show some respect and create a set of beliefs to live by.Always in the comfort-zone, you have been a proverbial frog in the well.If you have finally decided to not be an ascetic and live a material life after all, you might as well be a master in navigating the societal patterns. Because even if we think along minutely selfish lines, it pays dividends.Our bodies are habitual to physical labor due to many millennia of conditioning/evolution while living as nomads or hunter gatherers.Sadly, the importance of health is often recognized only some damage is done.It helps to disengage completely once in a while to adjust your rudder in an endless ocean you get to traverse only once (not just once if you are a Hindu/Buddhist, of course!) A good exercise regime lifts your mood, releases happy chemicals and keeps you prepared for the daily challenges in life.


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