School Homework Policy

For others, they see it as an opportunity to participate in after school programs they may not have done if homework was required.

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All homework tasks and activities will have a clear purpose and assist pupils in the process of their academic development. At Lincewood Primary School we are very keen for parents to support and help their children with homework.

We take the view that children are likely to get more out of an activity if parents get involved as long as they do not take over too much.

GPA parents expect students to have some form of homework to complete each night.

Homework must be meaningful Research on homework suggests that smaller but meaningful amounts per day has a stronger effect on student achievement.

Students are held responsible for completing their homework by the due date.

Students, who do not complete their homework, may lose certain student privileges, at the teachers’ discretion.The school policy for homework was developed and agreed by the whole staff and has the full agreement of the Governing Body.The policy was approved and ratified by the Governing Body during the Autumn Term 2014 and is regularly reviewed.Homework is known to help students review what they learn in class.For others it is seen as good exercise in building and retaining problem solving skills. It may help students stay busy and productive if they don’t have much to do after school.It should be noted that homework can be set in many different forms with many different expectations and outcomes.It is important to remember that when expecting and setting homework there are a number of points to consider: Homework should never be too onerous nor should it ever create stress within the pupil’s family.This is by no means an exhaustive list and is open to constant change, although many of these tasks and activities will be used on a regular basis.Homework activities will change to meet the needs of the pupils involved and activities that might be occurring in class. Whilst there is a legal responsibility for a school to set homework on a regular basis, the school cannot enforce the completion of homework and therefore, will not punish children for failing to complete some, or all of their homework.A large number of schools in several countries are actually exploring the concept of banning homework.Many students may be jumping for joy at this concept, but it does share a growing list of pros and cons that should be explored.


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