Sample Emergency Action Plan For Small Business

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As agencies continue to redefine their monetary penalties and prioritize employee safety issues, companies must not rely on the prospect of an agency inspection to ensure preparedness programs are sufficient.

For companies with multiple locations, the EAP details should be part of an overall emergency management program and create an atmosphere of response readiness.

More serious incidents may require specialized response teams or assistance from outside entities, such as local fire, police or agencies.

The emergency response plan or emergency operations plan should be inclusive of multiple possibilities and address the time period immediately after the incident.

If you have a small staff and the size of your site is easily manageable, developing a comprehensive emergency action plan for one location may not be a difficult task.

Sample Emergency Action Plan For Small Business Promissory Estoppel Essay

However, ensuring compliant and site-specific emergency action plans for multiple locations and an exponential number of employees can be a challenge.With an elevated focus on preparedness, companies should evaluate the potential impact of these costs compared to the establishment or improvement of safety programs.Emergency Action Plans or Emergency Response Plans are not only required for most companies, but are essential to the well-being of employees.An emergency action plan must communicate the following minimum requirements: At a minimum, companies should be prepared in the event the unexpected occurs.But for companies with more than 10 employees, especially those with multiple locations, the basic emergency action plan may not be enough to ensure preparedness or compliance.But that changed in 2016 when Congress passed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 which required federal agencies, including OSHA, to adjust their civil money penalties based on inflation.Companies should no longer equate violations and penalties to the cost of doing business.The Emergency Action Plan regulation (.38), states that employers with 11 or more employees must have to create a written emergency action plan.Even for locations with ten or fewer employees, employers are still required by OSHA to communicate an EAP to staff.Any business with more than 10 onsite employees is likely to require an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), but what happens when your company has multiple locations?Why should these plan be a priority and how do you confirm compliance for each location?


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