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Direct Submit is not integrated with the Grade Center and students will not be able to read the originality report.o Skip Plagiarism Checking: Adds the papers to the institutional database without checking for content copied from other sources.Safe Assign is a plagiarism prevention service, offered by Blackboard to its Blackboard Learning System, Enterprise, Vista Enterprise, and CE Enterprise License clients.This service helps educators prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers.If possible, Safe Assign will include a link to the source in question.*Note: Depending on Safe Assign’s traffic, it may take some time for originality reports to be generated.Safe Assign is an anti-plagiarism tool that checks submitted assignments against a database of papers to identify similarities between works of writing.Safe Assign uses an algorithm that detects similarities between a paper and other sources After a Safe Assign assignment is submitted, it will generate an originality report along with a percentage of text in the submitted paper that matches existing sources.The third option will exclude the submission from being added to Safe Assign’s paper repository.You may want check this option when you would like students to check for accidental plagiarism as well as submit rough drafts of their work.Most of the time reports are generated within minutes, but during periods of high volume, it could take several hours.Instructors should note that Safe Assign is not a tool that will automatically determine whether or not a paper has been plagiarized.


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