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Such broad readership is the major difference between Sae Mulli and JKPS, an English-only journal published by KPS.

Also, the KPS has joined several physics-related organizations such as the IUPAP, the AAPPS, and the APCTP.

New Physics: Sae Mulli monthly publishes peer-reviewed research papers and review papers which make significant, original and correct contributions to one of four categories of physics: 1) review of current physics topics, 2) applied physics(condensed matter, optics, etc.), 3) particle and nuclear physics, 4) other areas of physics (physics education, atomic and molecular physics, interdisciplinary, etc.).

Both experimental and theoretical papers are accepted. The review papers deliver the current physics topics of interests and the current instrumentation (both experimental and theoretical) knowledge at the university level so that even advanced high school students or undergraduate students can access easily.

Papers based on successful and original student projects done at Korean local universities are specially welcome.

It was first published in 1961 just after the Korean War by the Korean Physical Society (KPS).

The primary mission of Sae Mulli was to start building up Korean physics research community from almost nothing and in fact Sae Mulli had made tremendous contributions to the Korean science community.

Purchase of individual issues is available as well.

Subscription prices are available upon request from the publisher.

Broad Korean and international readership by online open access policy, 3.

Peer review system by well-qualified Korean and foreign reviewers, 4. It has been almost 60 years since the Korean physical Society (KPS) was founded in 1952 during the Korean War.


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