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The 1960s vibe is strong throughout the film with cute, funky set design (tiki pineapples abound), and on-screen animations lend a unique slant to mundane things like text messages.

Overhead shots that follow Suke on her bike through the graffiti-covered streets of West Queen West, as well as lovely, meditative shots of Toronto sunsets, demonstrate a good eye for colour and light.

(Joseph Rovetti pictured 4th from the left, Emily Wood pictured 5th from the left).

Ella Dubinsky has won this year’s 3 Minute Thesis at Ryerson University.

, a bubbly, optimistic film by young filmmakers Trista Suke and Ellis Poleyko, uses a blend of documentary and fictionalized memoir to tell a personal story about what Suke calls her "deepest and darkest secret: my bald head." Despite a couple of technical hiccups that are understandable for a student-produced work (the film is Suke's final thesis project at Ryerson University), tells the story of Penny, a 20-year-old aspiring filmmaker (played charmingly by Suke herself), who is desperately trying to keep a secret from the world.

Penny has alopecia, an immune condition that often results in hair loss.

“I ran Relapse Magazine literally out of my bedroom. I wrote a profile of Thomas Morton in 2014.” Frisch then went on to highlight passages from Relapse that appear to have made their way into Abramson’s book.

Frisch went on to say he was “devastated” by the alleged theft of his work, noting that the article in question was only hosted on his personal website.

3MT is a university-wide competition where graduate students present their research in three minutes to a panel of non-specialist judges and an audience, using only one PPT slide.

Read more about it (and even watch the video) here!


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