Role Of Music In Society Essay

Criticism of popular music can be linked directly with the youth perception of sexuality and gender roles.An article on the media awareness website directed at parents touches on this issue within its conclusion; ‘Rap and hip hop videos reinforce this narrow vision of masculinity: particularly popular with youth, this musical culture – whose origins are broad and diverse – has narrowed to present a single, stereotypical image of masculinity and relations between the sexes.’It can be therefore assumed that as a youth (or even an adult) music can influence us in perceived negative and positive ways.

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Role Of Music In Society Essay

This then creates a new culture of individuals who only recognise the composition in relation to the product, rather than the piece of music on its own merit.Bands like Rage Against the Machine and Tool have risen to the level of a political force by betraying their views on political situations in their music.“It is by no coincidence that The Dead, Jay-Z, and Bruce Springiness all held concerts for President-elect Barack Obama, before he was elected” (Teeter Jones).By understanding the values of the composer in an educational way these issues can be addressed with discussion and debate. Nagayama Hall of Kent State University published an article to determine the psychology behind the effect of music called ‘The Influence of Misogynous Rap Music on Sexual Aggression Against Women’ 1995.They determine that the influence of the music is obvious but long lasting effects are difficult to understand.The music of the present defines the current status of the social collective.This statement is defined by the control of music that Plato suggests.In an artistic way music is used to further express a piece of work, such as the film industry.The long awaited kiss in a blockbuster movie is accompanied by a crescendo of an orchestra invoking a feeling in the audience; would this scene be as emotionally powerful if the music was absent?The role that education takes is hugely influential in steering these perceptions of the music we create, digest and champion.A large part of the music we create is our journey within life that came before that moment.


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