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that arrives in my mailbox is junk, so I was tossing, tossing, tossing … This looked legit, so I ripped it open — only to find it was an oily invitation to take out a second mortgage on my home. Normally, I can tell the fake, printed-font “handwriting” of a marketing missive from ten paces away.That stuff looks barely more human than Comic Sans, and it’s printed in laser toner instead of ink from a pen.

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Writing is just like any job where the automation of repetitive tasks can actually make things better.

“The ’s robot reporter has published 850 articles in the past year” is a clickbaity headline that a robot probably wrote.

“The pen is down or the pen is up, but it’s never really in between.” Here’s an example of robot handwriting: See? Robot-making companies are currently busily working to match this human irregularity, but for now, it’s a giveaway that you’ve got robot mail.(My apologies for the crappy quality of these pictures, by the way.

When I met Curliss and Jurek, all I had with me was my Nexus 4 phone, which has a pretty wretched camera.)The next difference?

Friendly machines Writing with the help of machines isn’t a new thing, nor is it inherently frightening.

I’ve come to really appreciate the software Grammarly, which uses AI to spot my wordy phrases, vague language, passive voice, and other stylistic issues.

Neither of these scenarios sounds like a real threat to writers.

AI still needs your ideas before it can do anything.

If you suspect a robot has sent you a love note, check the placement of dots on the letters “i”.

This letter above was penned by a robot, and as Jurek notes, “the ‘i’s are always dotted in the same way.” They’re too regular.


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