Resume Honors Thesis

After all, most jobs require some form of problem solving and oral and written communication.Writing an honors thesis requires that you: Work closely with faculty mentors At large research universities like Carolina, you’ve likely taken classes where you barely got to know your instructor.Open windows into future professions An honors thesis will give you a taste of what it’s like to do research in your field.

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If you are an older job seeker and also got a degree in the past few years, it can help to make you look younger if you put the date of your graduation on your resume.

So consider your specific situation and make a considered judgment call.

If you have questions, you might want to consider a resume review by The Essay Expert.

Here’s an example: You might like a centered format if your Education section is toward the end of the resume.

For example: If you need to save space, there is no need to put your GPA and honors all on separate lines.

Resume Honors Thesis

You can combine these onto one line, and you can even put them on the same line as your major.If you are a new graduate from college or graduate school, or if you are applying to graduate school, your resume’s Education section generally goes FIRST on your resume (after your header). Because it’s what you’ve done most recently, and/or it is most relevant.(If you are unsure as to what is most relevant in your particular situation, ask an expert for advice.) If you have been in the working world for 2 years or more, your Experience section will more likely come first, and Education might be last or close to last on your resume.A thesis requires a reflective, multi-stage writing process. It is targeted at students in the humanities and social sciences, since their theses tend to involve more writing than projects in the hard sciences.Yet all thesis writers may find the organizational strategies helpful. However, all honors theses have at least two things in common: In general, students who are at the end of their junior year, have an overall 3.2 GPA, and meet their departmental requirements can write a senior thesis.Only create these separate sections if you need to fill space! Not sure how to handle the dates of all these things?Try putting them in parentheses after the honor or activity, and before the semicolon. Study abroad is part of your undergraduate education.Is your resume’s Education section taking up too much space on your resume?Are you finding it hard to fit in all the information you think is important?Here are some of your resume Education section questions answered – maybe even questions you didn’t know you had!These tips will help you pack in lots of information without taking up half the space on your resume.


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