Respiratory Therapist Research Paper

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The training and experience that I gained in the Air Force eventually led me to a position in the aircraft manufacturing company Mc Donnell Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach Ca.

I landed an entry level position on the MD-80’s, installing interior electrical systems; within 4 months I was promoted to work on the first C-17 test plane one or T-1, I think just to shut me up and get me out of the HR office.

It would be difficult to find enough credible sources to write a good research paper.

Vaping is still a new thing, and no one knows what effects it has on the lungs after vaping for 10, 20, 30 years.

It was interesting but didn't really help down the road. As much as I think vaping would be a great and interesting topic, I really don't think there's been enough research/studies done on it.

One of the lecturers at a conference I went to last year specifically researched this topic and was unable to come up with anything other than, "Vaping might cause this thing called 'popcorn lung'," and that's about it.I took electronic classes, computer programming and other advanced science classes in high school.My mother worked at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia in the clinical research department.This exposure helped me later in my life although I didn’t know it then.In my senior year of high school I realized that I would not be going to college the way that I would have liked to. But with no scholarships for men’s soccer, and schools being very expensive in the area at the time, I decided to join the United States Air Force. I was trained in radar and inertial navigation systems, also known as avionics.Both had a technical aspect to it that I liked, but respiratory therapy had blood gas interpretation along with direct patient care that would provide job security.With a clinical background in blood gas interpretation and my technical background in avionics I was still dreaming of one day working in some sort of capacity on the development and manufacturing of components of the space lab module, with heavy emphasis on the cognitive impact on operation of all flight control and communication systems in relation to extended exposure in a weightlessness environment in space. We're being asked to write a 5 page paper on "anything related to respiratory therapy".Some suggestions we were given were effects of vaping on the lungs, does marijuana cause copd, to name a couple.I get up around am and hit the snooze button on my phone alarm exactly 3 times before getting up. Most people know what these jobs consist of, but if you ask anyone what a respiratory therapist is, most have no idea. One difference though, my job is one of those jobs that involve possible life and death situations that I must face if not once but possibly several times throughout the day. Other well-known jobs with the same possible scenarios that are often romanticized in books, tv shows, and movies are comprised of peace officers, firefighters, military personnel, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and emergency medical transport teams, also known as EMT’s.


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