Research Papers On Water Pollution In Pakistan

These environmental concerns not only harm Pakistani citizens but also pose a serious threat to the country's economy.The report also stated that the increase in industrialization, urbanization and motorization will inevitably worsen this problem.

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This leads to further degradation of the environment and subsequently increases poverty.

This has led to what the World Bank refers to as a "vicious downward spiral of impoverishment and environmental degradation." The World Bank report in 2013 stated that Pakistan's top environmental issues include air pollution, inadequate supply of uncontaminated drinking water, noise pollution and the health deterioration of urban and rural populations due to pollution.

Pakistan is classified as a water stressed nation by the World Bank.

There are seven main rivers that enter Pakistan from upper riparian states, including the Kabul River that enters from Afghanistan, and the Indus River, Jhelum River, Chenab River, Ravi River, and Sutlej River that enter from India.

These are serious environmental problems that Pakistan is facing, and they are getting worse as the country's economy expands and the population grows.

Little is being done to tackle these issues, because the goals of economic growth and tackling terrorism within the country supersede the goals of environmental preservation.

Although NGOs and government departments have taken initiatives to stop environmental degradation, Pakistan's environmental issues still remain.

are highly dependent on the country's natural resources.

However, the study also concluded that in Pakistan, "the traffic noise levels limit as laid down by National Environment Quality standards, Environmental Protection Agency is 85 d B".

This high level of noise pollution can cause auditory and non-auditory health issues.


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