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The seismic design of foundations for structures depends on dynamic bearing capacity, dynamic settlements and liquefaction susceptibility of soil.

The seismic design of foundations for structures depends on dynamic bearing capacity, dynamic settlements and liquefaction susceptibility of soil.

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It is shown that the energy-based, empirical approach, which is still widely used by practicing engineers, is too crude ...

This paper is a summary compilation of work accomplished over the past decade at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to understand the interactions between rocket exhaust gases and the soil of the Moon or Mars.

Basic concepts of pile dynamics and stress-wave measurements, which were developed for the determination of driving resistance and bearing capacity of impact-driven piles, provide important information about ground vibration induced by pile penetration.

Dynamic hammer properties and geometry as well as the driving process are important for ground vibration emission from the pile.

The inside diameter of each basin is 60 ft; bottom of the excavation is 32 ft below grade and the excavation retained permanently by concrete secant pile walls.

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The circular wall is constructed of 3 ft nominal diameter concrete piles overlapping adjacent piles by 6 in; the wall penetrates 60 ft below grade.Several code-based equations exist today for design of the minimum transverse reinforcement required in the potential plastic hinge region of prestressed concrete piles.However, the reinforcement requirements of these equations differ drastically in some cases by as much as a factor of three.Each construction or industrial site is unique and requires consideration of specific approaches at the site for decreasing vibration effects of construction activities or industrial dynamic sources on surrounding structures.Specifications prepared for a site, calculation and prediction of expected vibrations, and monitoring and control of ground ...The fundamental cause of the failure is human error and is manifested in one or more of six categories.(1) Before the investigation, during discussions with the client. A surcharge load is any load such as spoil embankments, streets or highways, construction machinery which is imposed upon the surface of the soil close enough or distance to the excavation.When a failure occurs, geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, and geophysicists assign its cause to an event that immediately precedes the failure, such as an earthquake, heavy rainfall, flood, or other natural event.Assigning the failure to the immediate event is misplaced; the metastasis occurred because marginally stable conditions were allowed to exist through substandard investigations by the technical personnel, improper design, and inadequate review by the permitting agency.Excavation stability during construction is the primary concern in soft clays; an inadequate ...The importance of vibration problems induced by pile driving is addressed and guidelines for establishing limiting vibration levels with respect to buildings with different foundation conditions are presented.


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