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I haven't read the whole thing carefully, but the parts I have read are very sensible. Williams, which is a comprehensive guide to research writing, from formulating a question to writing up your results. The abstract is one area where I think the Peyton Jones slides (above) are not great; his description of what goes in the abstract is both too rigid and too vague; Koopman's advice seems much more helpful.

Parts of this page also draw on material from The Craft of Research by Wayne C. Very informally, your introduction should answer the reader's questions What did you do and why should I care?

Summary: A white paper is a certain type of report that is distinctive in terms of purpose, audience, and organization.

This resource will explain these issues and provide some other tips to enhance white paper content.

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of those white papers to help improve your own writing.

You can use any form of this example to write your outline.The following are general guidelines on organizing a white paper.It is a good idea to provide a summary at the beginning of the paper in order to have busy readers quickly grasp the main point.Everyone organizes differently, so it is important to do what works best for you.If you have any questions, feel free to come to the Writing Center and work with a tutor on creating your outline.After explaining the background and problems, propose your solution.If you write a white paper for a commercial purpose, mention your products/services last to ensure that your readers read the whole paper.Put the works cited at the end of your white paper.Do not forget to put the information of hyperlinked sources for the reader who prints out your white paper.I agree with almost everything he says; a few exceptions are noted below.If you are actually looking for advice on writing a Ph D thesis, please see Stefan Rueger's guide.


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